4 Trends To Understand About American Pre-K

26 September 2017
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Pre-k, short for pre-kindergarten, is sometimes interchangeable with the term "preschool." Most pre-k programs are designed for 3 and 4 year old children, often separated into two groups by age. Pre-k programs are becoming more popular in the US, and if you are a parent, there are some trends you should understand about them.  Pre-k Programs Tend to Be Public  Preschool and pre-k programs generally follow the same format, so what's the difference between them? Read More 

3 Ways Parents Can Make Separation Anxiety Easier To Manage

28 June 2017
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Watching a child cry in a state of panic as their parent drops them off at their daycare center is a scenario parents hate to find themselves in. These incidences of separation anxiety are difficult, common, and most importantly, something you can work through. Just how successful you are in your efforts has everything to do with your actions. Make sure you're hitting the target: Talk About It Some parents believe the best resolution to separation anxiety is to ignore it. Read More 

3 Simple Prep Steps For Indoor Play Space Fun

19 May 2017
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Whether you're looking for an indoor play space to spend a fun-filled day or you're booking a kids birthday party, these activity centers provide plenty of opportunities for your child to get active, get creative, develop gross motor skills and even learn. Prepping your child for her day of play can help to make the experience even better. This doesn't mean you have to spend an entire day discussing the play space and getting your child ready. Read More 

A Few Tips For Picking A Good Child Care Program

22 March 2017
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You always want what is very best for your children, and it is no different when it comes to child care programs. It can be very stressful trying to figure out which child care program is going to be right for your child. There are going to be many different programs available, and they can be very different from one another. You are going to want your child to be cared for just like you would care for them. Read More 

Get Your Toddler Primed for Preschool with These Tips and Tricks

18 January 2016
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Preschool provides a variety of benefits for your toddler to take advantage of, such as the opportunity to learn important social skills and the ability to more easily transition into kindergarten life. But if your toddler is like most, they likely aren't used to spending a lot of time away from home and close family members, which can make the first days of preschool pretty stressful. Luckily, you can help ease the stress and make participation in preschool an exciting experience with the help of these tips and tricks: Read More